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If your kids are so hyperactive that you find it hard to stop them, then it is time to invest in a playground for children. To build a perfect playground whether your little angels can freely cook, wash fruits, have meals, and more, we highly recommend to think about Kid Kitchen Table – Playset Kitchen Toys. These products are not only designed with a high priority for children’s safety and comfort but also the excellent items for meal preparation.

As their parents, whether you work from home or busy with a lot of tasks, you still feel safe to let your kids learn independence and enjoy their own space. Of course, because these are children’s products, manufacturers always take full care of natural materials as well as comfortable factors. Therefore, if you would like to get the best set of kit kitchen table for your kids’ playground, these can meet all the criteria you are looking for.

Top Best Products of Kit Kitchen Table Set On The Market

Product Names Product Images Check Price
#1 KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White KidKraft Vintage Kitchen - White View Product
#2 KidKraft Farm To Table Play Kitchen Set, Large, Multicolor KidKraft Farm To Table Play Kitchen Set, Large, Multicolor View Product
#3 Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset | Kids Play Kitchen with 25-Pc Toy Accessories Set, Real Lights & Sounds, Multicolor Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset | Kids Play Kitchen with 25-Pc Toy Accessories Set, Real Lights & Sounds, Multicolor View Product

1. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – Perfect for Child Development

Let your kid’s imagination be ignited with the KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen. Interestingly, this large play kitchen has many awesome features that keep your kids playing without boredom, such as opening and closing doors, turning and clicking knobs, see-through doors on both the oven and microwave, cordless phone with hands-free clip, convenient storage above & below the sink, and so on.

Made from thin wood, it is also sturdy for long-lasting use. Hence, your child is able to use it for years to come. If the size, look, and feel of the kitchen table toy is important to you, then this kit is indeed a good choice. The white vintage design harmoniously incorporates with the rest of your home’s décor, making it look impressive and beautiful.

What does leave us a strong impression is that the kitchen promotes open-ended imaginative play. Your kid is totally able to pretend to do anything just like what we cook in reality. It’s great for small spaces while you can find all of the necessary kitchen items here. Don’t worry about assembling parts since the instructions with easy-to-view pictures are available. However, we highly recommend to have a second person to work with so that the assembling process can be done quickly.

2. KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set – Develop your Kid’s Green Thumb

Made from parents’ passion and love, this kit kitchen table from KidKraft will be the best idea for your little angels to inspire their imagination positively.

When going cooking for a play, kids usually get their playset and cook randomly what they want. However, everything is different with Kidkraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen. They must follow a written menu located on the top left side of the kitchen playset. The menu can be personally requested by you – their parents, or their friends.

Moreover, the Table Play Kitchen also encourages children to cook veggies because these are the only food here. Yes, no processed foods are available at all. This will hopefully help them enjoy the real green-leafy counterparts on the plate and even at the table. After harvesting the toy vegetables, players can wash it over the sink. Just turning on the faucet, then a dash of light will illuminate along with a splashing sound imitating the gushing of water. Sounds interesting, huh?

To sum up, the KidKraft Farm to Table play kitchen is perfect for your children to stay learn and eat healthy foods from the ground up. No one does not want their little ones to live healthily and greenly, right? After all, you will not regret your choice.

3. Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset – Start Role-Playing with much fun!

Let’s see your children’s wow faces when they get this Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset in their playroom. Believe us! All kids absolutely love it and are ready to cook up some unbelievable meals with fun!

First of all, the pass-through kitchen window design makes it a great kitchen for more than one child to play. Furthermore, the clicking knobs located on the stove top and the oven does give realistic play for little ones. Even though it is just a kit kitchen table, your kids still enjoy basic pretend play appliances like cooking burners, oven, coffee maker, refrigerator, etc.

Adding to kids’ entertainment and amazement is its electronic stove top burner. When you place the pan on it, a sizzling sound will be made, and a bubbling noise is also made when the pot is placed on it. See! This feature is indeed the one your kids will never get tired of.

Wonderfully, the playset’s storage spaces are adequate for the accompanying 25-piece accessory set. So, your child feel free and comfortable to enjoy their toy!

What age is suitable for kids to get a Kid Kitchen Table?

In different periods of growing up, children will show their own interest in different toys which can change over time. Hence, as your parents, if you realize that they enjoying a particular type of toy, just let them do what they like regardless of the norm.

In general, kids start to enjoy pretend play from 2-3 years of age. At that point, their play becomes more complex and they need to develop the hand-eye coordination and motor/physical skills. And playing Kid Kitchen Table can meet all of their requirements.

As they get older, kitchen toys will be ideal for them to develop their motor skills and critical thinking. Children will start out learning names of utensils and foods, opening and closing doors, and turning oven knobs. Their language and social skills are also built up through making up scenarios and communicating with others about what role they’re playing.

Over the years, there will be so many accessories available that the parents can also add to the kitchen set up, like toasters and tea sets, mixers and smoothie makers, shopping trollies and tills, etc. All will expand the play potential as well as making them more appealing to older kids.

Final Verdict

Instead of focusing on smartphones, computers, or TV, children need a comfortable space and pretend play where they are free to play, cook, and interact with others. Kid Kitchen Table – Playset Kitchen Toys will be an awesome gift from their parents. Refer to our review above and select the one which is suitable for your kids’ needs and preference as well.

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